What Was Russia France Great Britain

Background of Russia France Great Britain Relationship

Russia France Great Britain, also known as RFGB or the Triple Entente, is a military and political alliance that formed in 1907, after the signing of the Anglo-Russian Entente. The alliance was formed to counter the powerful German and Austro-Hungarian alliances, thereby increasing the power of the three countries. This alliance was furthered by the signing of the 1904 Entente Cordiale between France and Britain, which ended centuries of hostility between them. Subsequently, the alliance was further solidified with the signing of the 1907 Triple Entente. Since then, the countries have been working together in various fields, including military cooperation, economic cooperation, and political cooperation.

Economic Cooperation

Russia France Great Britain have had a long history of economic collaboration dating back to the 18th century. In 1917, the three countries signed the Joint Economic Committee of the Entente to pursue common economic policies. This includes the establishment of joint stock companies and cooperation in customs, immigration, communications, currency, and taxation policies. During World War I, the three countries implemented a joint embargo, the Triple Agreement, which prohibited the importation of German goods, but also provided some mechanism for economic collaboration. The countries later went on to cooperate in many other economic fields, such as the development of the Bretton Woods system.

Military Cooperation

One of the great successes of the membership of the alliance was its ability to build an effective military partnership. This partnership enabled the three countries to successfully conduct military operations during World War I and World War II. During the 1920s and 1930s, the members of the alliance signed multiple agreements, such as the Naval Agreement of 1923, which allowed Russia France Great Britain to work together in a coordinated and cooperative manner. This cooperation extended to the establishment of common military operations, such as the cooperation in the invasion of Normandy. Moreover, in WWII, the powers also worked together to develop the atomic bomb.

Political Cooperation

In addition to their military and economic cooperation, the three countries have also had a long history of political collaboration. One of the most important aspects of this collaboration is the framework that was created to allow for diplomatic dialogue between the three nations. This framework was provided by the League of Nations in the 1920s, which enabled the governments to work together to resolve disputes. Moreover, the three countries signed the Treaty of Versailles, which aimed to ensure a lasting peace and re-establish the sovereignty of small nations. This framework was also strengthened by the signing of the Locarno Treaties in 1923, which established the framework for the members to work together to further diplomatic dialogue.

The Current Relationship

Today, the relationship between Russia France Great Britain is largely positive and conducive to both the economic and political stability of Europe. Economically, the three countries are members of the European Union, which facilitates trade and investment opportunities between them. Additionally, the three countries have also collaborated in order to ensure political stability in the region. For instance, the three powers have worked together to ensure a peaceful resolution to the Ukrainian crisis. Furthermore, the three countries have also jointly endorsed the Iran nuclear deal, which seeks to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.


The partnership between Russia France Great Britain has been seen as a success, having enabled the three countries to maintain relative peace and stability in Europe. This has been possible due to the strong bonds of military and political cooperation that have been forged between the three nations. In addition, the economic collaboration between them has allowed for the development of a stronger economic base in the region. Moreover, due to their joint efforts in resolving international disputes, the three countries have helped to establish and maintain international stability. This success has been a testament to the strength of the partnership between the three countries.

The Future of Russia France Great Britain Relationship

Despite the strong cooperation that has been established between the three countries, there have been a number of issues that have hampered the progress of the partnership. For instance, the relationship between Russia and the other two powers has been strained due to the conflict in Ukraine. Additionally, the Brexit referendum in Britain has caused a huge disruption to the political stability of Europe. Nonetheless, it is expected that the three countries will overcome these issues and continue to work together in order to ensure peace and stability in the region.


The success of the Russia France Great Britain relationship is an inspiration for other countries who seek to work together to resolve international disputes. This has been especially seen in the United Nations, where the three countries have worked together to promote peace and stability. In addition, their economic collaboration and cooperation has been a huge boost to the economies of all three countries. Moreover, the strong commitment to political dialogue and the development of military partnerships has allowed the three powers to play a major role in the resolution of international conflicts. This has had a positive impact on the economies of the three countries, as well as providing stability in the region.


The partnership between Russia France Great Britain has been a successful one, having enabled the three countries to work together in order to maintain international stability. Through their joint economic, political, and military collaboration, they have been able to develop a strong partnership that has had a huge positive impact on the region. While there have been issues in the past, it is expected that the three countries will continue to contribute to peace and stability in the future.

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