Must Do In Great Britain

Must do in Great Britain

The United Kingdom is an enchanting destination for travelers to explore. In Great Britain, a plethora of diverse cities and landscapes awaits to be discovered and experienced. From London’s urban vibrancy to the green countrysides, there are a variety of activities and sights that cannot be missed. From exploring ancient castles, perusing art galleries, discovering hidden villages, and much more must-do activities in Great Britain.

Starting off in London, there are a few unique activities that must-not be overlooked. Touring the Tower of London is an abundance of sightseeing opportunities. Witnessing the Crown Jewels, getting a glimpse of the stunning Beefeaters, exploring the recently refurbished White Tower, and walking within the reconstructed Medieval palace keep, as well as participating in historical tours is a profoundly enriching experience. Additionally, taking the climb up the Monument known as the ‘Her Majesty’s Golden Jubilee Monument’, is a great way to view the King of London’s breathtaking skyline vista.

For something quite distinctive, a visit to the British Museum is in order. It possesses a treasure trove of artifacts and ancient sculptures such as the Rosetta Stone and Parthenon sculptures. Here, travelers can spend an entire day exploring the galleries and reflecting on its excavation history. There is always a large variety of exhibitions being held at the Museum, some permanent and some special.

For the daring and courageous traveler, visiting the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is a must. It’s a stunning geological rock formation that leaves many pondering in awe. Touring the unusual polygonal shaped rock columns and hearing the myths about its creation is an unforgettable experience. Extremely close by is Dunluce Castle, an ancient ruined medieval fortification perched upon the edges of craggy rock cliffs. It is incredibly picturesque with an amazing coast view. Visiting the Castle is a great way to add to the adventure.

Then heading south to Wales, starts off with visiting the capital city of Cardiff, with its old-style preserved Victorian shopping arcades. Cardiff is also home to imposing Gothic castles like the proudly standing Cardiff Castle. Stroll along the Arthurian inspired grounds and be certain to get a great photo. Another must is to take a trip to the Brecon Beacons. Renown for being a one of the most stunning views of Wales, the Brecon Beacons National Park is the largest of Wales and covers a vast area of isolated mountain ranges, cascading waterfalls, and inimitable scenery of moorland.

For a great afternoon visit, a stop by the Stonehenge is a must-visit. Stonehenge is an ancient Neolithic monument surrounded by the most alluring mystery. At the Stonehenge, visitors are able to tour the site and megaliths, and learn all about the fascinating history.

Exploring Scotland’s Highlands

Scotland is a must see destination when visiting the United Kingdom. There is so much to explore and discover. Travelling up north to the Highlands, tourists will have their eyes treated with spectacular, breathtaking landscapes and vistas showcasing Scotland’s natural the beauty.

Exploring the landscape is one the best ways to cherish the hidden gems found in Scotland. Stunning lochs, rolling hills, and ancient forests, along with meandering rivers and grassy fields, are a few natural wonders to marvel at. Visitors also have the opportunity to partake in activities such a hiking, mountain biking, climbing, fishing and more.

A visit to the town of Islay, Scotland’s fourth largest island, is an experience not to be missed. Touring the island and its famous whisky distilleries is a fantastic experience. Here visitors get to tour and view the distilleries, watch how whisky is made from start to finish, and sample some of the world’s best whisky. Whether one visits the Ardbeg, Lagavulin, Bowmore or Laphroaig distilleries, whisky tasting is quite an experience.

Additionally, if one is an avid outdoor swimming enthusiast, dipping in to the iconic lochs and idyllic waters are some of the greatest experiences ever. From the crystal clear waters of the Corryvreckan pool, to the Fairy Pools in Skye, there are lochs with captivating views across Scotland.

Taking a Visit to Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland bursts with magnificent scenery and various tourist attractions. Tourists seeking a tranquil and soothing holiday away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Northern Ireland has so much to offer – entrancing views, welcoming atmosphere and unspoiled countryside.

For a unique, peaceful and immersive experience, the Mourne Mountains are a great place to go. Within the Mourne Mountains, visitors can take exhilarating hikes, not to mention the magical beauty it bestows. Several hikes in the mountain areas are easily accessible – a great way to take in not only the beauty of the area but also the rich history like the St Patrick’s Path, Trassey Mountain, and Spelga Dam.

There is also the iconic Belfast, a captivating destination that is the gateway to some delightful experiences. There is no shortage of things to do here. Take a tour of the liner Titanic Belfast, with its interactive galleries and stunning displays of history. Visit the seafront of the Belfast Lough and take a trip to the Sperrin Mountains for a gorgeous view. The Ulster Museum and The Botanic Gardens are great entries to the city’s culture, awe-inspiring Belfast travel destination.

Cities to Visit

When in the United Kingdom, there’s no scarcity of cities to visit. Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, is a gem of a city marked by the historic Edinburgh Castle, captivating views from Calton Hill, and Europe’s biggest arts festival, the Fringe Festival. Plus, it is home of the iconic pubs, trendy bars, and high-end restaurants.

Bath is an obvious must-visit, known as the ‘City of Bath.’ Bath city consists of 18th century Georgian buildings and lavish
ontemporary architecture. It’s a city that has it all – from cruisines to fashionable stores to take a look at. The 12th century Bath Abbey, Bath Kingsmead Shopping Center, Roman Baths, and Pump Room Houses are all amazing places to explore.

Cambridge is a delightful city also known as the ‘city of spires. Travelling through Cambridge city reveals a variety of hidden treasures such as the grand assortments of museums, quaint cobbled streets, and ancient churches, all packed with immense history. Located within the city is the famous university – Cambridge University. It’s filled with magnificent museums, libraries, and over 29 ancient colleges, each with its own distinctive charm and architecture.


The United Kingdom isn’t lacking in festivals and holiday events. England hosts an array of centuries-old traditional festivals such as the Wimbledon Championships, Notting Hill Carnival, and Organic Festival. Although smaller in size, Scotland also has plenty of events to choose from such as the annual Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Braemar Gathering, and the Glasgow International Comedy Festival. Finally, Northern Ireland has its ethos of traditional community festivals such as the Belfast Film Festival, Dungannon Swifts FC Festival, and Omagh Jazz and Blues Festival.

For those seeking a unique festival, The Beat Herder Festival is an ideal escape to discover an underground world of culture. Spread across three days of music, art, food, and entertainment, it’s a wonderland of original live music, DJs, and artwork. The Happy Days Enniskillen International Beck Festival is the world’s largest comedy and music festival. During the festival, there’s four days of outstanding performances, a lot of activities, fine food, and lots of fun. The Isle of White Music Festival is another great event for music fans and culture seekers. Here, a variety of cult bands and renowned artist take to the stages and provide two or three days of unforgettable music and entertainment.

Awe-Inspiring Attractions

The United Kingdom is bustling with breathtaking attractions that must- be visited. From touring lochs, castles, and megaliths, to heading to beautiful gardens and spacious landscapes, there’s so much to see and do. Exploring London Eye and Big Ben, and taking a voyage on a river boat is an incredible experience. Or admiring the lively wall murals on the streetsides in Belfast. Any intrepid traveller must take on the opportunities to visit these attractions when better available!

For the travelers in love with aquatic life, the UK’s aquariums are the perfect place to view exotic species up close while also learning. SEA LIFE London Aquarium and Blackpool SEA LIFE Aquarium allows visitors to explore the wonders of the underwater world while also observing the curious antics of the residents. Finally, a slow exploration of the British and European Gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum is a must. Strolling through the galleries and soaking up the range of artifacts allows one to absorb and appreciate the genius of past and present design.

Markets and Shopping

Visiting the markets has always been part of the Great Britain experience. From amazing shopping destinations to street markets, Great Britain has something for everyone. One of the most popular markets is Camden Market. This vibrant and eclectic market is on the top of the list for tourists to explore the eye-catching merchandise, enjoy the range of foods, and appreciate the alternative

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