How To Travel To England With Pets

Public Transportation Options

If you’re planning on bringing your pet with you on a trip to England, starting your planning by looking at your transportation options. Flying is the most convenient option when it comes to transportation to England. However, it’s important to remember that most airlines will not accept pets in the cabin, and for those that do, there are restrictions on how large your pet can be. It’s also important to note that any pet that does fly will need to be sedated.
If you prefer to not fly, then you have the option of taking a ferry from Ireland or mainland Europe to England. Regrettably, the pet policies on ferries vary so you’ll need to look for a ferry service that is pet friendly. Your other transportation option would be to drive and road tripping across Europe with your pet can be an enjoyable experience. However, you’ll need to have the proper permits to travel between countries, and you must make sure your pet has the right vaccinations and veterinary paperwork before crossing borders.
When it comes to public transportation once you’re in England, some trains and buses will accept pets, though the policies of the different transportation services may vary. Therefore, make sure check the pet policy well in advance of your trip.

Where to Stay

Accommodation is a major part of any trip, whether it’s to England with your pet or without. Most hotels in England require that pets stay in a designated pet-friendly room, while some may not allow pets at all. You may want to investigate the accommodations ahead of time and call to make sure that you can reserve a pet-friendly room.
Fortunately, there are some accommodations designed specifically for pets and pet owners, so this could be a great alternative. These pet-friendly lodgings offer special amenities for your furry friends, such as feeding bowls, doggie treats, and a small yard or grassy meadow for them to play in. If you’re keen on having your pet join you for your holiday, these accommodations may be a viable option.

Pet Friendly Activities and Attractions

Wherever you plan on staying in England, you’ll want to consider what activities you and your pet can do together. Fortunately, there is no shortage of pet-friendly attractions and activities in England. The beautiful landscapes of the countryside provide many opportunities for taking your pet on hikes and picnics. You can also find pet-friendly beaches and parks to catch some sun or just let your pet roam free.
Numerous attractions around the country offer special discounts for those travelling with a pet so be sure to keep an eye out for those. Some zoos may even allow you to bring your pet to their feedings!

The Cost of Travelling With a Pet

As with any trip, cost is an important factor. While flying with a pet can be a bit costly, driving to England with your pet will cost less and provide the flexibility of stopping and spending some time in various cities and towns along the way. That said, the cost of lodging and activities can increase when travelling with a pet. Make sure to do your research in advance and consider the different costs associated with travelling with a pet.

Pet Health Concerns

One of the most important considerations when travelling with a pet is their health. Make sure your pet is healthy, and up to date on all their vaccinations. You should also talk to your veterinarian before you leave in order to find out what type of medications they may need while travelling. The climate in England may be different than what your pet is used to so it’s important to talk to your veterinarian before leaving.
You should also bring any medications, first-aid items and other supplies for your pet that you may need while on the trip. Then, if something does happen while you’re away, you’ll be prepared.

Pet Parks in England

While travelling in England with your pet, finding pet-friendly places to take them and let them play and exercise is a must. Fortunately, there are many pet parks scattered throughout the country. Pet parks are great because they allow your pet to get some exercise, socialise with other animals, and enjoy the fresh air.
Make sure to research pet parks and dog parks in the areas where you plan to stay during your trip. That way, you know where to go, and what to expect. You’ll also want to make sure the pet park has the amenities you and your pet need.

Pet-Friendly Restaurants

Finally, there are plenty of pet-friendly restaurants in England. While you may not be able to take your pet inside, many restaurants have outdoor seating areas where your pet can accompany you while you enjoy a meal. Some may even bring a water bowl outside of the restaurant for your pet while you dine.
You’ll definitely want to consider the pet policies of the restaurants you plan to visit, as rules and regulations can vary from place to place. Also, if you plan on eating at pubs, you may want to check first to see if they’re pet friendly before you arrive.

Pet Friendly Hotels and Campsites

Hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and campgrounds throughout England often allow pets, although their policies may vary. As with any destination, you’ll need to do your research to find the most pet-friendly accommodations. Most hotels and campgrounds will accept pets, but will have restrictions on the size and number of pets you’re allowed to bring.
A great option when it comes to pet-friendly accommodation in England is camping. Many campsites are located close to pet-friendly attractions, activities, and restaurants, so it’s a great option for those looking to get the most out of their trip. Before booking a campsite with your pet, make sure to check the campsite’s policies and make sure they accept pets.

Pet Foods and Supplies

When travelling with a pet, it’s important to find pet-friendly places where you can purchase pet food and supplies. Although there are pet supply stores in England, you may want to bring your pet their favourite food and treats from home, since they may not be able to find the same ones in England. Also, make sure to bring any first-aid items and medications that your pet may need while travelling.

Vet Care and Emergency Services

Finally, if you’re travelling with a pet, it’s important to research the local vets and emergency pet services in the areas you plan to visit. You should also make sure to carry your pet’s medical records and other important documents when travelling with them. This will make it easier for you to access medical treatment or emergency services for your pet, should the need arise.

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